Submission Guidelines



Submissions for our Second Issue is now CLOSED. We look for stories of any genre that interpret our current theme:___________. Deadline is on _____________. Please read CLOSELY our complete guidelines below. Thank you.

For poetry submissions, please visit our Poetry Gallery site: INKLINGS


Manuscript Format:

-Tagalog or Taglish, Fiction

-Times New Roman, 12 font size

-Single spacing for every line; double spacing after every paragraph

-Use SINGLE spacing every after all punctuation marks, including dialogues.

-The whole manuscript should be left aligned, including the title

-On top of the manuscript, write the title, genre, and the word count. [see sample]

-DON’T include the name of the author on any part of the manuscript because we want to read it blindly. But be sure to write the EMAIL ADDRESS at the end of the story.

-Word count limit should be 1,000-3,000.

-Send your manuscript at: storppymag [at] gmail [dot] com

-NO ATTACHMENT please. Copy-paste the manuscript at the body of the email.

-On the subject line, write: SUBMISSION: Title of the Story

What we don’t accept:

-stories with topics that are unsuitable to young readers, such as sex, violence, foul languages, and the likes.

-about religion, or anything that promotes or discriminates any religious beliefs and/or practices.

-submission that doesn’t follow the correct formatting as instructed above.

-with obvious grammatical errors, typographical errors, and failure to observe the basic rules in writing.

-stories that don’t meet the required theme for the issue.

Rights and Compensation

-this is a non-profit project, and we also don’t pay as of the moment. We hope in the future. But what we offer here is a platform for the new writers to give them a chance to showcase their undiscovered talents.

All rights of the accepted stories are retained to their respective authors, but all stories are ready for our archival.

Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions

-We accept simultaneous submissions (the same manuscript that is submitted to different publications at the same time). But DON’T FORGET to inform us if ever your story has been accepted elsewhere. We will surely be happy to congratulate you. Message us at: storppymag [at] gmail [dot] com — with a subject line: WITHDRAW: Title of the Story

-NO multiple submissions, please. (Submitting more than one story to us at the same time.)

Reprints & Reposts

We accept stories that are previously published and are posted on other social media sites, as long as the rights are fully owned by the author. Please indicate in your submission, whether it is for a repost or reprint and from where.

Terms and Conditions

Upon submitting the manuscript, the author/submitter automatically claims his/her ownership to the said story. Any kinds of violation, such as plagiarism and copyright infringements, etc. would be a full responsibility of the author/submitter, and NOT of our team. Upon publication to StorPpy, the full rights of the story will be retained to its respective author. He/she is free to submit it to other publications, but must mention the StorPpy as its previous home. Stories that are published under StorPpy will not be removed or deleted from our archives, as long as we exist, unless for some special cases and circumstances, or if we receive a request of deletion from the author.


We will respond to the authors of the accepted manuscripts weeks after the deadline. Upon receiving an acceptance email, the author should reply us with his/her full name, byline/pen name, and a brief author’s biography, written in a third person.

Note: All accepted stories are subject to editing.


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