Entering the Gates to Psydem Publishing’s The Art of Braveity


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Entering the Gates to Psydem Publishing’s The Art of Braveity


How would I describe our next feature? Siguro, maihahalintulad ko ito sa isang kuwento. A tale.

And the story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there were two friends who dreamed about building a “house.”
The first friend asked, “Can we do it?”
The second friend answered, “Of course, we can.”
And so they built one.
The first friend said, “Now we have a ‘house’. But there are empty rooms.”
“Then, we need more friends to share our home with,” the second friend replied.
And so they invited more friends to live with them.
The first friend said, “Now, our ‘house’ is full, and we are happier than before. But I think we need to spread out our happiness.”
The second friend answered, “Then, let’s share it with others.”
And so they opened all their windows and doors — wide enough — to let their happiness be seen and heard by those people who passed by their ‘house.’
The story of two friends continued, until all their hard work came to fruition…
…Until The Art of Braveity was produced.
However, it was not yet the end. Because the real story of their dreams had only just begun. Continue reading…


ALEPH & LUNA: Moonless Infinity by Clovergiel


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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 1 – ROUND 2, FIRST PLACER, GRAND WINNER


Aleph and Luna: Moonless Infinity

By: Clovergiel ♣


I CAN STILL clearly remember my memories from that day. 

The day we first met. The day I first saw those sapphire-blue eyes melting me right where I stood as they stared back at me. The day everything I knew about love had changed – my perspective, my beliefs, my fear.

I stood there frozen, unable to utter anything sensible from this once clever mouth of mine. I admit, that guy had got me tongue-tied.

I held my breath, as I saw him slowly walking towards me. I could hear the sound of his footsteps, and it just made my breathing uneven. I think my body just started malfunctioning. I couldn’t even move a muscle. Let alone lift a finger.

But my mind reminded me, this couldn’t be. It’s not possible and… it’s forbidden.

But… my heart knew better than that. It was as if it had its own mind, functioning fully at that precious moment. Because right from the start, my heart already knew. And I knew, too.

I knew that I finally found a home for my fragile heart. Continue reading…

Cygnus Enchantment by Cambrielle


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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 2 – ROUND 6, SECOND PLACER, GRAND WINNER


by Cambrielle


‘Quintin Cygnus, the once elegant, pure soul adept in love and kindness is tainted…’

Nagtakip ng tainga si Quintin. Paulit-ulit na umuugong sa kanyang isipan ang mga huling salita ni Garai, ang pinuno ng mga sumasamba sa diyosang si Ammit, the devourer of souls.

‘The king of the Swan Stronghold Eala is tainted… Pure soul drenched in blood… Forever tainted…’

Nandilim ang paningin ni Quintin. Binalikan niya ang bangkay ng kalahating tao, kalahating reptilya. He wrenched its crocodile head from its miserable shoulders.

He knew deep inside that there’s no going back. Once a killer, always a killer. He’s tainted for life. He sacrificed the purity of his soul to grab his chance for happiness. There’s a large hole in his heart that no one of his past lovers managed to fill. He never understood his never-ending ache. When he thought he finally found stability and happiness, it was always taken away from him. He can’t comprehend the source of his misery until he found her. Continue reading…

Twenty-Two by ardentHearts


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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 1 – ROUND 2, THIRD PLACER, GRAND WINNER


by ardenthearts

At twenty-two years old, Yssabel Bennett used to be so carefree and lighthearted. Masaya siya sa buhay niya and very determined to reach her dreams. But later did she realize that being twenty-two doesn’t always mean happiness and achievements. For the first time, somebody broke her heart. Inaamin nyang nagkamali siya sa unang pagkakataon. Subalit muli itong naulit.
After almost five years, will she be able to find happiness again? O mananatili na lamang siya sa sakit na dulot ng nakaraan? read now…

My Twisted Fairytale by Cambrielle


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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 1- ROUND 2, SECOND PLACER, GRAND WINNER


My Twisted Fairytale
by Cambrielle


“Emmaline, will you marry me?” Nakaluhod ako sa harapan ng babaeng tinitibok ng aking puso.

Napasinghap siya nang makita niya ang diamond engagement ring sa mga palad ko. “Andrei…” Naluha siya. Matutupad na rin ang pinapangarap naming happily ever after. She’s my Snow White and I am her Prince Charming.

“Andre–” Hindi na nakasagot si Emmaline nang may biglang dumating na babae, ang babaeng pinakaayaw kong makita.

“I believe you are asking the wrong woman, Andrei Declan Daciano. Dalawang buwan na akong buntis at ikaw ang ama.” continue reading…

On Sharing Views with SBC


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On Sharing Views with SBC


Wattpad. Isa itong papalagong social media site — designed for both fiction lovers and newbie writers. Sa modernong panahon ng literatura sa Pilipinas, hindi maikakaila na malaki ang naging impact ng site na ito. Pinatunayan nito na nananatiling dumadaloy sa dugo ng mga Pinoy ang pagkakaroon ng malawak na imahinasyon at pagkagiliw sa pagbabasa at paglikha ng mga kuwento. Continue reading…

Looking Forward to the First Issue


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We are excited about the StorPpy’s pilot issue, as much as we are thrilled to evaluate your stories.

We aim to publish quarterly, each with their respective themes. Issue #1: Inspirational – to be published in MARCH 2015 – story in any genre is accepted, as long as it contains inspiring materials. No religious themes. No violence and sensitive scenes or topics and foul languages. 1,000-3,000 words. Tagalog or Taglish. Deadline of submissions for March Issue is on February 14, 2015.

Read our Submission Guidelines for more details.