Twenty-One Lights by Ryuujiryuu

sbc-storppy-twenty one lights

Twenty-one moons, twenty-one years
Twenty-one times of conquering fears
Or it may be twenty-one counts of painful tears?
Of that I’m not sure, but so glad I met you, dear.

Twenty-one suns, twenty-one days
Twenty-one worth of inspiration says
You’re able to stay out of every fray,
And that you’re ready to bring light in our way.

Twenty-one moons, twenty-one lights
Twenty-one smiles that sparkle so bright
You bring out the best in us, even dissolving fright
Always saving us from the devil’s might.

Twenty-one years, now you’re acclaimed
The stars offered light to shine in your dark days
The moon stared in silence with awe and respect
The sun acknowledged your brilliance and jest.

As you come of age, counting twenty-one, my dear
You have learned enough from your greatest fears
You went past the darkest clouds and now the sky is clear
With this, I hope you will never, ever sear.

Copyright. Ryuujiryuu. All rights reserved.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR/POEM:  Twenty-One Lights is a poem written for a dear friend, inspired from the Beautiful Creatures/Caster Chronicles book series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It is a copy change of some birthday lullabies heard by Lena Duchannes, the female protagonist in the book. The birthday lullabies are heard by Lena every year, and some of it contains prophecies and major plot points that are revealed through the book.

Ryuujiryuu’s friend is a big fan of the book series, so he thought of writing something that is closely related to it.

Ryuu is a reader-writer from Wattpad. He is the author of the ongoing paranormal novel, The Arcane Journals. You can check out his profile and other works here: @Ryuujiryuu


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