Let Go by Rose E.

sbc-storppy-Let Go

Let go and be free

Like the birds in the sky, soaring freely

Tweeting, hopping around the globe

Singing a secret melody.

Let go and move on

Like the river flowing placidly

Keeping forward undistracted

Living a life full of tranquility.

Let go and be happy

Like a clown in every children’s party

With his costume and trademark smile

He gives, but joy to every face.

Let go and treasure your closest friends

The ones to you, never lose their faith

Keeps on believing, when no one else’s ever had

And when you’re down, makes an effort to remove your frown.

Let go and love your family

Because as they will always say

‘Home is where you’ll always be

And people there will love you unconditionally.’

Let go and never forget God.

Because He’s the one who’ll never leave.

No matter how hard life could get, have faith

He’ll lift your worries effortlessly.


Copyright. rose e. All rights reserved.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rose is a poet and a writer in her own right who can’t help but love anything with a touch of humor, a little mystery and romance. Music makes her high, movies and TV series are her guilty pleasures, and for her, reading is the best getaway one could always afford.

If you’re interested, check her works and randomness at the following sites:

Wattpad: @mei_rose

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meiross.blue

Twitter: @mei_blu



2 thoughts on “Let Go by Rose E.”

  1. si mei_rose pala to????hahahahaha ok

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let it go.. let it go..

    Let it go what you feel now cause there’s no peoeple around.
    So no one can smell the polluted air you will release… hehehe juk..

    Nice meimeing.. pawisik nga ng pagka poet mo.


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