An Introduction

THE LIGHT BEYOND DARKNESS. We all keep searching for that, not realizing that the true light is just within us.StorPpy, Editorial Team

As we are on our journey to complete the contents of our first issue, we’ve come to get to know a mute painter who sees his light through the eyes of a near-blind woman; a graduating college student who has found inspiration from a poor, yet an optimistic little boy; an observant passenger who has discovered hope in the darkest streets of Manila; a fighter of life who keeps running toward his goal; and an OFW who keeps faith as her best armor. These people have made their way to seek for the greatness in simple things and ordinary events. And these people, they are the ones we would like to present to our readers.

StorPpy Weblog Magazine is inviting you to join us in searching the LIGHT BEYOND DARKNESS, to learn how to let go as we collect the lights in every step of our way.

MARCH2015-STORPPY-issue1-Read our first issue – March 2015


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