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Entering the Gates to Psydem Publishing’s The Art of Braveity


How would I describe our next feature? Siguro, maihahalintulad ko ito sa isang kuwento. A tale.

And the story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there were two friends who dreamed about building a “house.”
The first friend asked, “Can we do it?”
The second friend answered, “Of course, we can.”
And so they built one.
The first friend said, “Now we have a ‘house’. But there are empty rooms.”
“Then, we need more friends to share our home with,” the second friend replied.
And so they invited more friends to live with them.
The first friend said, “Now, our ‘house’ is full, and we are happier than before. But I think we need to spread out our happiness.”
The second friend answered, “Then, let’s share it with others.”
And so they opened all their windows and doors — wide enough — to let their happiness be seen and heard by those people who passed by their ‘house.’
The story of two friends continued, until all their hard work came to fruition…
…Until The Art of Braveity was produced.
However, it was not yet the end. Because the real story of their dreams had only just begun. Continue reading…