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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 1 – ROUND 2, FIRST PLACER, GRAND WINNER


Aleph and Luna: Moonless Infinity

By: Clovergiel ♣


I CAN STILL clearly remember my memories from that day. 

The day we first met. The day I first saw those sapphire-blue eyes melting me right where I stood as they stared back at me. The day everything I knew about love had changed – my perspective, my beliefs, my fear.

I stood there frozen, unable to utter anything sensible from this once clever mouth of mine. I admit, that guy had got me tongue-tied.

I held my breath, as I saw him slowly walking towards me. I could hear the sound of his footsteps, and it just made my breathing uneven. I think my body just started malfunctioning. I couldn’t even move a muscle. Let alone lift a finger.

But my mind reminded me, this couldn’t be. It’s not possible and… it’s forbidden.

But… my heart knew better than that. It was as if it had its own mind, functioning fully at that precious moment. Because right from the start, my heart already knew. And I knew, too.

I knew that I finally found a home for my fragile heart. Continue reading…