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They Sing It, You Write It – One Shot Story Making Contest: SEASON 2 – ROUND 6, SECOND PLACER, GRAND WINNER


by Cambrielle


‘Quintin Cygnus, the once elegant, pure soul adept in love and kindness is tainted…’

Nagtakip ng tainga si Quintin. Paulit-ulit na umuugong sa kanyang isipan ang mga huling salita ni Garai, ang pinuno ng mga sumasamba sa diyosang si Ammit, the devourer of souls.

‘The king of the Swan Stronghold Eala is tainted… Pure soul drenched in blood… Forever tainted…’

Nandilim ang paningin ni Quintin. Binalikan niya ang bangkay ng kalahating tao, kalahating reptilya. He wrenched its crocodile head from its miserable shoulders.

He knew deep inside that there’s no going back. Once a killer, always a killer. He’s tainted for life. He sacrificed the purity of his soul to grab his chance for happiness. There’s a large hole in his heart that no one of his past lovers managed to fill. He never understood his never-ending ache. When he thought he finally found stability and happiness, it was always taken away from him. He can’t comprehend the source of his misery until he found her. Continue reading…